Electric Vehicle Charging System (Cooled)

High Power Cable and CCS-2 Plug. DC. 850Amps

E Mobility 5

Purwil Connect 850+

Rapid charging - under 8 minutes

Thanks to 850 Ampere power output.

Maximum power

Possibility to reach a continuous charging power up to 850kW with compact cooling units, ambient temperatures up to 50°C and cable lengths up to 7m.

Ergonomic, flexible and easy to handle

Just 32mm diameter and cable weight of 1.3kg/m, Thanks to the latest integrated cooling technology.

Eco-friendly solution

Eco-friendly water based coolant

Adapted to your needs

Possibility to deliver different cable lengths, and adapted cooling unit solution for you.

Individual engineered solutions

Complete solution plug-and-play with cooling unit.

Purwil Connect 850+

Brugg EConnect Purwil Connect 850A Cooled

Integrated Cable Cooling System

Rapid High Power eVehicle Charging