Electric Vehicle Charging System (Non-Cooled)

High Power Cable and CCS-2 Plug. DC. Up to 500Amps

Purwil Connect Series

Charge in just a few minutes

Charging currents up to 500A with a rated voltage up to 1000V.

Ergonomic, flexible, and easy to handle

User-friendly Plug, and extremely flexible and easy to handle cable.

Adapted to your needs

Possibility to deliver different cable lengths, and adapted cooling unit solution for you.

Fully serviceable and replaceable

Possibility to replace different plug components within 10 minutes on site including front face and contacts.

Purwil Connect Series Overview

PURWIL Connect 500 Connect 250 Connect 150
Current (A) 300 A (Peak 500 A) 250 A 150 A
Cable O/D mm 36.5 30 28
Weight (Kg/m) 3.1 2.1 1.5

Maintenance Friendly Charging System

Fast Replacement of Parts on Site in Minutes